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Stuart Pope

Some of Stuart’s earliest memories include working in the framing shop and going on sales trips with his father along the coast. In 2016, he began representing the company as an account executive. From there, he has turned his attention to growing and developing Steele Creek Art into a successful, family-owned, mid-sized business, leveraging his experience in leadership, finance, and sales. 

Stuart was commissioned as an Army Officer from North Carolina State University. He also served as a planner at the battalion level and executive officer at the company level. Afterward, he spent several years working in finance as a consultant and loan officer before dedicating himself to sales and business management. In 2021, he consulted for the launch of a logistics company based in Tennessee that went on to sell for 2X the following year. 

His passion for this business comes from his desire to build a legacy and provide for his family.   Stuart values genuine connections and believes that trust and pursuing fair, mutually beneficial goals are essential in business-to-business relationships. 

When he’s not traveling and selling art, Stuart enjoys attending music or comedy events around his home in Charleston. He also loves playing guitar, boating, surfing, hunting, fishing, or even trying his hand at painting!



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