The Steele Creek Story

Nestled in the heart of North Carolina’s stunning coastal region, Steele Creek Art Group showcases a range of coastal inspired artwork that captures the unique beauty and character of the area. From breathtaking seascapes to intricate depictions of local marine life, our collections offer a captivating and authentic representation of the North Carolina coast.

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Inspired by the Sea

Located in one of the charming beach towns along the North Carolina coast, this art gallery showcases a variety of art inspired by the sea. From serene watercolor paintings to vibrant oil prints, this gallery has something for everyone who loves the coast.

A love of the Coast

 Coastal art connects people to the natural world and highlights the importance of protecting and preserving the coastline. Coastal art evokes a sense of nostalgia and freedom. Overall, coastal art is a celebration of the beauty and majesty of the world’s coastal regions.